The reduction method

If you've arrived at this page, you probably have some questions---the main one being: what the heck is a reduction print?

In short, it's a process --where Carving away at the same block to produce a multi-colored image. Some artists refer to it as a "Suicide Block," once you carve away, you cannot go back.


Carving the First Layer

Once I’ve transferred a drawing onto a new piece of linoleum, I’ll proceed to carve out what I’m going to want to remain white on the print.

Finish Carving

The first layer of what I want to be printed is ready.

Preparing the Ink

For this particular print, I wanted to do what is commonly referred to as a “Rainbow Roll.” This is where you blend at least 2 colors into one another to get that smooth gradient look.


This is all done by hand.